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Mar-08-2011, 2:47pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
The Jesse McReynolds Interview

The Mandolin Cafe's Forum members have the questions, and mandolin legend Jesse McReynolds has the answers for a special feature interview.


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Mar-08-2011, 5:17pm
Thanks for sharing such a great interview. It's inspiring to hear from a legend who comes across as kind, thankful and humble.

Mar-09-2011, 5:42am
Again a very insightful interview. As it appears, all the interviewed people are excedingly graceful to provide insight in their musicianship and interesting side matters.

Mandolin Mick
Mar-09-2011, 10:43am
Thanx for this interview! I've been working on a lot of Jim & Jesse lately on the mandolin so this was welcome!

I worked out most of Okeechobee Wind this morning.

I met Jesse in June and he's not only a wonderful mandolin player but a first class individual as well!

Denny Gies
Mar-09-2011, 9:58pm
Another superior effort by the staff of the Cafe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Earl Gamage
Mar-10-2011, 10:03am
Thanks to Jesse and to Scott for making this happen. These interviews are great.

Rick Cadger
Mar-16-2011, 5:10am
Great stuff.

Jul-10-2011, 9:50am
Thank you for the interview..Truly alot of great facts. Ricardo

Mandolin Cafe
Mar-09-2018, 8:30am
Noting the anniversary of this interview with Bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds from 2011.

Bill Kammerzell
Mar-09-2018, 5:28pm
Dude has got to be close to 90 now. Saw him playing in Nashville in 2016. Didn't cross-pick as much but there weren't any flies on his playing. What a show. Him, Ronnie and David Grisman on mandolins. Del and Grandson Evan on guitars. Robbie on Banjo and Tracey Grisman playing bass. Vince Gil came out and sang a tribute to the late Ralph Stanley. I'll recall that show as long as my memory permits.

Mar-09-2018, 7:24pm
How wonderful to have the,”First generation” musicians share some real insight into the “bluegrass life” as he has built so much for so many, myself included! I remember seeing Jim and Jesse at Sturgis, Michigan and driving home in one of the most miserable snowstorms I’ve ever driven through, ended up in the ditch and spent two days,getting the big old Cherokee out twenty miles from home.
A dear friend and I used to take cookies to the band every time we’d seee them!

Mandolin Cafe
Jul-09-2019, 11:53am
Happy 90th birthday to the legendary Jesse!

Mandolin Cafe
Mar-09-2020, 7:48am
Noting the anniversary of this interview today.

Mandolin Cafe
Mar-09-2021, 8:16am
Noting the anniversary of this feature interview from 2011.