View Full Version : Mandolin & Other Classes at 20th California Coast Music Camp

Feb-20-2011, 8:47pm
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Mandolin & Other Classes at 20th California Coast Music Camp

This summer, California Coast Music Camp (CCMC) will be celebrating its 20th year of bringing quality acoustic music instruction to California. Two week-long camps will be held, July 10-16 and July 17-23, 2011.


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Feb-21-2011, 12:54pm
Great music camp! I went 3 years at its previous location. You'll like it! :)

Topher Gayle
Mar-06-2011, 10:32pm
It's my great pleasure to teach at CCMC again this year. But it has been perhaps my even greater pleasure to have been a student at CCMC for the seven or so years before that!

CCMC was the single most important (and totally fun) thing I ever did musically. From it came the skills, connections, and experiences that have taken me where I am now. And I am very happy about all this!

I think CCMC is great! I think you should meet me there. We'll play some tunes together!