View Full Version : Look what I fiound.....A Sept '86 Frets Mag

Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 11:37am

Mandolin Mick
Feb-20-2011, 11:48am
Score! Where did you find it?

Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 12:22pm
Lets just say..I had it laying around...

Mandolin Mick
Feb-20-2011, 12:26pm
There's a couple on Ebay for $19.99. Worth it?

Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 12:35pm
Yea..I'd say so. I'd be hard pressed to put a value on thiis one.

Feb-20-2011, 1:06pm

Gosh, I miss that mag. And ND.

Willie Poole
Feb-20-2011, 1:24pm
Now I wish I had kept all of the ones that I had, I could probably buy a new mandolin by selling them at the price that is on E Bay....


Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 2:15pm

Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 2:16pm

Mandolin Mick
Feb-20-2011, 2:40pm
I made an offer of $15 and he took it! :)

Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 2:44pm
Great..What issue was it?

Mandolin Mick
Feb-20-2011, 2:54pm
The one that you have, you gave me the idea! :)

Mike Bunting
Feb-20-2011, 3:26pm
I've managed to keep almost all my Frets magazines, I subscribed from the beginning. Maybe I should look at selling them off.

Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 4:57pm
Great..glad I made your day:grin:

Scotti Adams
Feb-21-2011, 8:38am
A little tab

Ivan Kelsall
Feb-22-2011, 3:23am
I used to buy 'Frets' over here in the UK when i could find a copy.There wasn't a regular supplier,so copies were few & far between. One i did buy had an article re.the Ellis Mandolins that Ricky Skaggs was playing at the time. Another had an article about one of my favourite Guitarists,Larry Carlton.
I believe that the mag.was axed when the publishers were bought out by a larger publishing house,who deemed the mag. not worthy of being continued to be produced. A bit like the Decca record company turning down the Beatles,

Feb-22-2011, 7:08am
FRETS was so great. I, too, subscribed, although I don't have all issues, probably 85%. One was Hot Mandolin Styles, where 5 or so mando pickers were featured, with solos - I think they were Statman, Dawg, Doyle, Bobby Osborne, and Jethro. Jethro's tune was Deep Purple, just a few bars with very cool lines. Then, the transcriber (John M.?) stopped and wrote 'etc.'! I love that!

The Workshops were uniformly excellent. Two issues had Dawg's wonderfully-done transcription of Joy Spring (both parts), complete with chords. He said in the intro that Jethro called this tune 'a bear'.

Mar-01-2011, 1:01pm
My friend gave me a huge stack of Frets magazines a few months ago and that issue is in it. There was also tons of other cool ones too...