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Scotti Adams
Feb-20-2011, 8:54am
Wishes a speedy recovery to JD Crowe....gotta watch those bus steps.

Tom Mullen
Feb-20-2011, 9:40am
Here is what happened:

Get well, JD.:(

Feb-20-2011, 10:01am
Godspeed to J.D.

I see on the site that the Holiday In Japan 1975 is now on 'official' CD. About time, too. Great, great recording. Has the funny Skaggs Bill Monroe impression, seems like most of the tunes are in Bb or B. I remember the festival album guy selling this vinyl for $75 back in the 80's.

Feb-20-2011, 7:31pm
I was going to go from here to banjo hangout, I bet this is a big buzz over there, Get well JD, you are the best,Mike

Marty Henrickson
Feb-20-2011, 9:21pm
Wishing a quick and painless (as much as possible, anyway) to one of the best banjo pickers of all time. Also, I've got to have that CD.

Scotti Adams
Feb-23-2011, 1:27pm
From the Crowe family: The surgery went well! Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls and notes on all the blogs. If you would like to write JD a get well card you can send it to the following address:
JD Crowe
c/o Rickey Wasson
2833 Main St.
Clay City, KY 40312

Feb-23-2011, 1:37pm
Great news! Hopefully, the next 'break' for him is on the banjo!