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Cary Fagan
Feb-12-2011, 6:38pm
I did a little restoration on this very sweet Stradolin oval hole. I'd been wanting to get my hands on one; they seem much more rare than F-shole Strads. It has a wonderful finish on it. Contrary to what I've read elsewhere, it doesn't seem to be a carved top. But it's a very nice sounding instrument.

F-2 Dave
Feb-12-2011, 6:59pm
Sweet. I like that very much. Cool little instrument.

Feb-12-2011, 7:11pm
The vast majority of Strad-O-Lins were pressed not carved. Is the top solid? I've only seen one oval hole open and it was solid. There's pictures of it here someplace.

Make sure you post some pictures in the Strad-O-Lin social group.

Cary Fagan
Feb-12-2011, 7:47pm
Yes, it's solid.

Pete Summers
Feb-12-2011, 8:09pm
Very nice indeed. I love that finish. Envy, envy.:)

John Soper
Feb-12-2011, 10:41pm
Most likely pressed top, but Stradolins always sound better than you'd think they should... a good looking mando that you have, Cary.

Jill McAuley
Feb-12-2011, 11:45pm
Lovely - I always keep me eyes out for the oval hold Strad-o-lins!


Cary Fagan
Feb-13-2011, 9:36am
I wish I was keeping it. The main reason I got into doing some restoration was so that I could live with these vintage instruments for a while before passing them on. I'm trying to limit myself to two--or three--mandos. An F5, an oval hole, and a knock-about one. But it sometimes hurts to let go.

Feb-13-2011, 4:06pm
This one is on Big Joe's Guitar Works website- It has the Nobility name on it but it's a Stradolin for sure. I have one identical to it- but in worse cosmetic shape. Mine had the braces worked on by Peter Langdell and it sounds wonderful

Feb-14-2011, 10:39am
What a beauty!!! I would love to hear that next to my ff hole 1935 Stradolin. I ache with envy!!!

Feb-14-2011, 10:41am
I'm trying to limit myself to two--or three--mandos. .

So am I. Thats why I have seven.

Pete Martin
Feb-14-2011, 11:23am
Very cool instrument Cary. I've never seen an oval Strad in person. Can you post a sound file?

Cary Fagan
Feb-23-2011, 9:53pm
I've posted a video of the Stradolin. It's my first so forgive the inadequacies etc. etc. Most especially the poor mic.

Capt. E
Feb-24-2011, 12:07pm
Looks similar to my Bacon "Amateur", though my Bacon is all solid woods.


I took my Bacon to Fiddlers Green the other day and Ben played it a while, pronoucing it as having very nice tone. Then he brought out a black-face snakehead A2Z they are hiding in the back. OOOOOOO, nice!

Cary Fagan
Mar-08-2011, 8:24pm
I deleted the first video, the sound was so poor. Here is a better one. Simple playing but you get the idea.

F-2 Dave
Mar-08-2011, 11:40pm
Second video sounds much better. Cool mandolin. I like it alot.

Mar-11-2011, 6:10am
"Looks similar to my Bacon "Amateur", though my Bacon is all solid woods."

This era Stradolin tends to be solid wood also. Mine, an ff hole of similar age, is solid wood with steam pressed front and back.

Cary Fagan
Apr-06-2011, 9:40am
I realized that the Strad needed a bit more work. There was a brace coming up at one end. Some fret buzz as the elevated fingerboard had slightly curved up at the end, and there were some overtones. I glued the brace. Instead of pulling the frets, planing, refretting, I took the easier route of pulling the last four or five frets that I never use in old time anyway. Some felt under the tail piece. Cleaner, better sound now. I'm having trouble selling this one so it just might stay. It's a good travel mandolin, small, light, sturdy.

Apr-06-2011, 10:12am
I have some thick stick on felt that always place under the waverly cloud tailpiece covers. I just cut a strip about a quarter inch wide and run it right across the underside.