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Feb-09-2011, 9:55pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Sierra Hull - Daybreak

Rounder has announced a March 8, 2011 date for Sierra Hull's newest solo recording, Daybreak, Produced by Union Station bassist Barry Bales.


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Feb-10-2011, 5:40pm
Can't wait !

Feb-10-2011, 7:22pm
Is she playing a Gibson now? Looks that way from the press photos. Should be a great album from what little I've heard.

Ben Somerville
Feb-10-2011, 7:32pm
I saw her play a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure she still was playin' her Weber.

Barry Platnick
Feb-10-2011, 7:41pm
last time I saw her she was playing a Harvey master model

John Hill
Feb-10-2011, 8:31pm
Of course y'all noticed the mandolin...

lefty mandoman
Feb-13-2011, 8:46pm
uh...what mandolin?! :-)