View Full Version : Snakehead neck

Feb-09-2011, 6:37pm
Considering a purchase of a 1925 Gibson Snakehead JR. I have owned a few 1930's and 40's A style. I loved the tone, but I found the neck a bit to chuncky for my taste. Is the Snakehead neck any thinner? Thanks, Bruce.

Gail Hester
Feb-09-2011, 6:46pm
Yes. They vary but usually around 1 1/16" nut width with more of a slimmer Loar period profile to the neck.

dan in va
Feb-12-2011, 5:34pm
The '25 A that resides here has a 1 1/8" nut. I would describe the neck profile as a rounded V. Very perky looking from the side. Charles Johnson has a number of snakeheads from various years, and I seem to recall picking on 3 Jr's...the necks seemed fairly consistent, but you might give him a call or e-mail.