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Feb-05-2011, 4:28pm
does anyone know if you can find chords//tabs for mandolin online like you can for guitar?

Bernie Daniel
Feb-05-2011, 6:34pm
Hi & Welcome!

For starters there are hundreds of mandolin tabs on this site, the Mandolin Cafe.

Also there are other tab sites like Mandozine and also AllTabs mandolin section. See the two links below for starters. For chords there are also many sites.

So try these two for tabs -- especially if you have the TefView software. If not just download the viewer (its free) and you can view and play all of the .tef tab files. Great way to learn.



Ben Milne
Feb-06-2011, 1:28am
If you can't find what you're after on the cafe selection or Bernie's suggestions, chordie.com has the facility to select mandolin which will give you the mando chord chart for selected song.