View Full Version : Where Is My Sailor Boy ?

Feb-04-2011, 8:46pm
Helping out an old friend of mine - Here's Adam Tanner (1/2 of the Twilite Broadcasters) picking on one of my favorite Monroe Brothers songs. Adam really gets after it!


Mike Bunting
Feb-04-2011, 8:56pm
Really nice. I have one of their CDs and like it a lot.

Feb-04-2011, 9:34pm
I remember a couple of years ago at the Shindig on the Green in Asheville when I first heard the Twilite brothers. I stopped and listened real close. I know my Monroe and Monroe brothers stuff pretty good and these boys had it down good!!
I have had the opportunity to pick a few times with Adam and think he is a very good Monroe stylist on the mandolin, and he plays a pretty good fiddle as well!

Feb-08-2011, 12:06pm
Yeah, Adam has always been one of my favorite bluegrass mandolin players. Years ago he was in a band called 78 RPM here in the Seattle area. You should check out some of their material if you get a chance.

Feb-09-2011, 7:17am
Mighty fine mandolin playing, Adam can pull a great tone!

Feb-09-2011, 8:11am
Mighty fine mandolin playing, Adam can pull a great tone!

Great song, great performance and great video. Adam has and old-timey CD "Two Mules" with Frank Lee that is really good.

Feb-10-2011, 12:17am
Thanks for turning me on to their music. Sure is great!


Scott Holt
Feb-17-2011, 3:25pm
I love the "brother duet" harmonies. Thank you so much for posting this!