View Full Version : Interesting article about Marty Stuart

Scotti Adams
Feb-03-2011, 12:44pm

Feb-03-2011, 1:04pm
Thanks for that. Very nice.

Feb-03-2011, 1:31pm
I really liked the picture of Marty with that cowboy guitar.

Bernie Daniel
Feb-06-2011, 12:38am
Marty is one of a kind. He is a link between the past and the present and he has been the glue that has held many great country musicians together. A remarkable person with vision, passion, and inspiration and a willingness to act on his dreams.

Jim Ferguson
Feb-06-2011, 2:02am
Great story for sure. Marty Stuart is one of my favourite mandoliners........what a talent and what a great service he is offering by collecting so many of these treasures & preserving them. Way to go Marty.

Scotti Adams
Feb-07-2011, 7:04am
What I dont know is ws this produced before the great flood..if not was this treasure trove of history effected by the great flood?