View Full Version : Well worth a look

Feb-03-2011, 12:27pm
Good amount of mando / guitar / strings content:
Got it off this site:


:popcorn: :mandosmiley:

Jim Garber
Feb-03-2011, 3:39pm
An amazing place, I hope to get there some time. They seem to get more stuff frequently. They have one of the two known Stradivari mandolins, for instance and other priceless instruments.

Feb-03-2011, 9:17pm
I could spend hours in there...........

Feb-04-2011, 12:00am
A nice promotional piece for the museum. I do hope to visit someday. Here in NYC, the Met has a great instrument collection, but they have been rather stodgy in how they exhibit it. I should take a look and see if things have changed at all.

Jim Garber
Feb-04-2011, 7:53am
Things at the Met may change, at least temporarily, with the upcoming Guitar Heroes exhibit, but they do have limited space. I think they have upwards of 3000 instruments in the downstairs/back rooms which most folks never see.