View Full Version : Has anyone seen a case like this?

Ken Waltham
Feb-02-2011, 9:30pm
I recently bought this case, thinking it was perhaps a 1930's F5 case. Now, I am not exactly sure.
It is definately for an F5, and my Gibson F5 fits in there perfectly. It has Presto hardware, with original key.
Plush, burgundy lining, the colour of late 1920's Gibson F5 cases, like you would see with a 1929 Fern, or real early 30's F5.
Brown leather exterior.
Tony Williamson had one for sale like it a couple of years back, and that tells me it was in some form of production. No one I know of except Gibson was making an F5 before the 60's, say, and I think this is older than that.
Only an F5 will fit in this case, and, it has to be an early F5, because the large peghead would not fit in here.
680616806268063680646806568066Has anyone any experience with one of these cases?
Thanks, Ken

Ken Waltham
Feb-02-2011, 9:35pm

Here are a few more photos.

Gail Hester
Feb-03-2011, 3:51am
Ken, I've never seen one like that but I sure do like it.

Scotti Adams
Feb-03-2011, 8:23am
Man..that is so dayam cool.

Darryl Wolfe
Feb-03-2011, 1:00pm
I have seen one before. I guess it might be the same one, but it certainly appears to be period.

Darryl Wolfe
Feb-03-2011, 1:03pm
I can't believe I actually found the picture

Ken Waltham
Feb-03-2011, 5:54pm
That is definately the same case style. But, like Tony's, it appears a bit more red than mine. I also believe the material of the interior of my case is vintage, and not "newer". It's not like a Lifton case, for instance, from the 50's.
Mine has a different handle than that one, and I think my handle is original to this case, so, we may have three on the go now.
That one has a nice case cover, which I do not have. Looks like it's made for that case, too, it's a tight fit.
I bought mine from an auction house in Atlanta, that sold all manner of items, nothing really to do with musical instruments.
What do you mean by "appears to be period"? Do you mean you think it's a vintage, prewar case?

D. Roberts
Feb-04-2011, 9:49am
Hey Ken,
That is the case that Tony had.
I got it from him kept it for a while and sold it to Mitch Simpson.
The wire in the handle is original but the cover over the wire is not.
The original handle leather was pretty much gone so I used the cover of a banjo case handle and the original wire to make the handle that is on the case.
I really loved the case but it's really hard to get a mandolin in it with a tone guard on so I stopped using it.

Ken Waltham
Feb-04-2011, 8:54pm
OK, that's interesting. The wire in the handle looked totally right to me, but, I wondered about the leather, it did not match the case, being black instead of brown.
BTW, is this Danny Roberts? I would love to put that Fern in this case.... The best Fern ever, I think...
Anyway, what do you make of it's vintage, and did a Gibson mandolin live in here, in your opinion? Was it a Gibson factory case?

Darryl Wolfe
Feb-07-2011, 12:56pm
I believe the case to be original to some period pre-war. There was a shrrt time when it appeared that all you could get was a shaped case....say like 1938-41. Maybe these were their answer from another company and only sold a hand full of them

Charles Johnson
Feb-10-2011, 10:49pm
Looks to me to be late 40s or possibly very early 50s. I have had a guitar case for a big 17 inch arch top that was very similar.

Feb-11-2011, 8:30pm
The key shown says "Presto".

Here's a 1950 ad for Presto button Locks which look very similar.

To my eye the 1950 Presto locks look a bit more modern, with their straight edges and sharp corners. The locks on this mando case have curved edges. Seems to support a '40's date for the mando case.