View Full Version : Feast Here Tonight

Oct-25-2004, 6:47pm
Does anyone know where I can find to the tab to Ricky Skaggs' playing on Feast Here Tonight from the Three Pickers album?

Sep-09-2009, 2:45pm
Just googled this today...this link popped up first. Eerie, as I've been on the Cafe for a while today, left for a minute, and google sent me right back. So now I'm gonna go back to the Cafe (in my original window) and see if anyone's worked this one out. If not, I may have to slog through it, as I like it!!

Sep-09-2009, 2:53pm
OK, so now I'm back...So, according to DrBanjo.com it's a I, IV, V song...I'll see if I can pick out his kickoff over the next couple of days, though it may not happen for a while looking at my schedule...

FWIW, I'm remembering how much I love the Three Pickers album with Ricky, Doc, and Earl and assorted guests/family/their bands...for those of you who hate Ricky (and I know you're out there), he plays some Clawhammer Banjer on this album (Soldier's Joy)...more fuel to the fire, I guess ;)


Sep-13-2009, 8:29am
You can also look at the Grisman version on Home is where the heart is. Grisman's mando break(s) is fantastic.