View Full Version : going back to work (not really)

barry k
Jan-26-2011, 8:00pm
I will doing the mandolin position in this band that I worked for about 7 years ago. Great folks and super harmonies as only a family band can have. They are looking for a professional level banjo player also. If yall know of anyone in the Atlanta, Columbus , Macon area looking for a good band to pick with, give them a lookup

Scotti Adams
Jan-27-2011, 7:21am
Good luck Barry...Im sorta doing the same thing after being "out of it" for many years. Kinda scary but also very cool.

Jan-27-2011, 8:28am
Good luck with that.

Not for nuthin, there are 3 typos on that band's homepage, you may want to point that out to them.

Jan-27-2011, 9:02am
Good luck, Barry, we'll looking for you!

barry k
Jan-27-2011, 11:16am
OK, Thanks Alan, I will tell them

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-29-2011, 3:04am
Barry - I wish you all the very best in your 'new' venture & if i was 4000 miles closer i'd be auditioning for the Banjo player's position. Er - which make of Mandolin will you be playing ?,:grin:

barry k
Jan-30-2011, 3:00pm
The leader called me yesterday and said they found a banjer picker from SC. Ivan, I will of course , be playing one of mine...Bulldog or Kratzer whatever I have here that hasnt sold yet... I have been without a mandolin before for a gig then I went and borrowed one from my good buddy Randy Woods.

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-31-2011, 1:27am
Hi Barry - That's good news re.the Banjo player. I did know that you'd be playing one of your own Mandolins of course.Pick a good one,play the dickens out of it,then sell it as a 'distressed' model for 50% more. Whatever,enjoy yourself,

Jan-31-2011, 8:39am
then I went and borrowed one from my good buddy Randy Woods.

He'd be a better buddy if you got his name right ;)

barry k
Jan-31-2011, 2:53pm
Alan, thanks for pointing out all my faults, and do you really think Randy would care if I put an "S" on the end of his name?...I think not. He probably dont even know who I am...lol