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Jan-17-2011, 4:45pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Blue Moon of Kentucky - Instrumental Tribute to Bill Monroe

Rural Rhythm Records, a label with roots deep in Bluegrass has announced the upcoming release of Blue Moon of Kentucky - Instrumental Tribute to Bill Monroe.


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Scott Tichenor
Jan-17-2011, 4:49pm
I have to say it: Wow. Compton channeling Monroe... this is good stuff.

Jan-17-2011, 5:05pm
Can't wait to get this one! Will wait patiently for hard copy version.

Kirk Albrecht
Jan-17-2011, 5:22pm
Mmmm ... this one will be tasty!

Jan-17-2011, 7:02pm
Those sound clips are really great. I sure do appreciate Mr. Compton doing Mr. Monroe.


John Kinn
Jan-17-2011, 7:25pm
Jamie;maybe I'm just stupid, but where are the sound clips?

Ed Goist
Jan-17-2011, 7:47pm
Hi John; short sample clips are available here:


"My Rose of Old Kentucky" is my favorite, Compton is off the hook!

Jan-17-2011, 8:31pm
Also on the Cafe MP3 page (http://www.mandolincafe.com/mp3/).


Mike Bunting
Jan-18-2011, 12:58am
This cd was released 3 or 4 years ago by Maple Street Music. This new release has 6 tunes added. The original has always gotten played a lot here. Another that should be re-released is the Little Grascals, another great project that Tater was involved in.

Jan-18-2011, 8:17am
+1 on that Little Grascals. Lots of iconic Compton sounds on there. Maybe my favorite Dusty Miller of all time.

Amazon has it:


Mar-05-2011, 2:04pm
Gary Henderson played "Road to Columbus" off this CD today on his WAMU show (I listen on the internet over here across the pond)... two notes on the mando break and I said "Mike Compton!!" It's nice when a mandolinist has a signature sound that no one can really imitate -- like Herschel's bounce or Buzz' tremolo.

Gary mentioned the name of the project, I searched around the net and found this thread. Somehow I missed it the first time. I see from Amazon that there are 18 songs (for only $7!), six of which have Adam Steffy and the others MC. For a big spender like me :-) this is a no-brainer.