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Scotti Adams
Jan-12-2011, 8:57am
The United States Postal Service has contracted with an artist to start work on an official Bill Monroe postage stamp.

The Postmaster and the USPS Stamp Committee have been coy in discussing this question with the public, though their most recent statement in a letter to the IBMA in November 2010, seemed to place the Monroe stamp into the realm of the likely.

Mandolin Mick
Jan-12-2011, 9:48am
I'd be thrilled with a Bill Monroe stamp ... I'd buy lots of them!!!:)

Jan-14-2011, 1:21am
It would be nice to introduce them on his 100th Birthday Celebratioin at IBMA in Owensboro in Sept.

Jan-14-2011, 4:38am
And I'd listen to the break from Letter From My Darlin' as I licked that stamp!

Willie Poole
Jan-14-2011, 3:25pm
I believe there is a computer program where a person can design and make their own stamps...Maybe we should all get together and subscribe to it and start our own Monroe stamp....I wish I knew more about where I seen or read that ..BUT....

Mandolin Mick
Jan-15-2011, 3:49am
I figure the 100th anniversary of his birth is behind it ... I think it's great! :)

Jan-15-2011, 10:06am
Here is that application to personalize your stamps (http://www.usps.com/postagesolutions/customizedpostage.htm) from Zazzle or Photo Stamp via the USPS.


Jan-15-2011, 2:46pm
Mandolin Mick, did you design the stamped post card in you comments? I think it's a pefrect example for postage . Send me 50.

Mandolin Mick
Jan-15-2011, 5:13pm
No, I did a search on Bill Monroe stamp.

I'd seen them somewhere before. ;)

Jan-16-2011, 4:29pm
I see this topic come up from time to time.
In 2005 I came up with a couple of ideas for the Bill Monroe stamp.
Here is one.

I don't remember if I did this or if someone else came up with this one.

Then someone came up with this one.
Image removed by moderator. Family Forum

Jim Moss

Jan-16-2011, 5:07pm
Shouldn't she be smashing a mandolin with a fire poker? That last stamp I really don't see selling well unless the objectification of women, Bill Monroe and Bluegrass music need to be helplessly tied together.


Ed Goist
Jan-16-2011, 5:16pm
Shouldn't she be smashing a mandolin with a fire poker?

Oh Snap!

Jan-16-2011, 5:21pm
the smashed mandolin, was a different woman. That is, if we are to believe the inside rumors of the time...

As far as the "objectification of women" being linked to Bill Monroe, I would not make that association from the stamp proposal. It was not my art, but I think this stamp simply reflects one side of what some would see as a commentary on the life and times of this particular musician. Actually, this speaks to what could be said about most performing musicians, but this has a particular resonance. To me it speaks of valuable friendships and so on. Again, it is not my art, but I think one would only need to have been around the festivals back in the 1970s and 1980s to completely get this. I think the person who created this stamp art had humor in mind, but it would require some understanding of history to be funny... to get it.

I make no claims. I just wanted to show the proposals passed around in 2005.

I don't see anything in the stamp that suggests "objectification of women", although you are to be commended for your modern sensitivity. When you were young didn't you have girlfriends who dressed up like this for you around Christmas time? This just looks like Christmas Eve dress for a lot of folk out here in California. Christmas season spirit as I see it. Women would show up at C&W club gigs I did in the early 1990s dressed like this. Happened more than once. Actually, when compared with my personal experiences as a musician this is waaaay tame.

Jim Moss

Jan-16-2011, 9:43pm
My intention wasn't clear, for the USPS to use such crass imagery would land a whole lot of people in very hot water to dry off with pink slips. A stamp shouldn't have to be explained for its offensiveness to be understood in the context of CW gigs, or a specific era. Consider what the USPS has done with imagery of cigarette smoking in the Jackson Pollack and Robert Johnson stamps. The cigarettes have been removed. There are many proposals that don't warrant consideration. That one doesn't warrant posting on a family forum.


Jan-17-2011, 4:56am
you really make the stamp art sound interesting. From you description "such crass imagery" readers are going to think that the woman was naked. Don't the People in Pottstown P-A ever get around beaches? I know they don't have a sense of humor. Women show more in bathing suits then this woman did on the art. She looks to have on a leotard base. I can't imagine what happens when they turn on the TV at your house.

Also, "cigarette smoking"? She is smoking hot, but there are no cigarettes that I saw.
Try reading the Bill Monroe book that came out a few years back. It will be enlightening.
Jim Moss
California USA and proud of it!