View Full Version : Two roundbacks needing TLC

Rhodri Jones
Jan-11-2011, 5:08pm
I'm moving house and I have two vintage roundbacks that either need TLC or release into the wild. One is labelled Alfredo Albertini (Catania) and it went round the world with my sailor father seven times in the 1920s. The other is labelled F de Mureda (Napoli) and dated 1896. I found it in Durham (England) in 1966. They both need repair to splits and the bridges are missing but it seems a terrible shame to dump them if there's anyone out there who has the skill to restore them.

Jan-11-2011, 6:44pm
I would love to have them

Jan-11-2011, 7:27pm
Hmmmm. If the Nickster hasn't absorbed these yet please let me know......


Jan-11-2011, 10:14pm
Oh no just what I need more bowl-backs. If they are not taken yet I can give them a good home. I have restored about 8 bowl-backs mandolins(my specialty) Of course I would give a donation to pay for shipping and your time.

Jan-31-2012, 1:51pm
I have an F De Mureda mandolin in need of restoration to!81707

Bruce Clausen
Jan-31-2012, 2:24pm
Ouch! Looks like someone decided the tortoise-shell plate was worth more than the mandolin.

Feb-01-2012, 8:35am
Ouch! Tortoise shell plate! I hope somebody peeled it off and gave it back to the turtle that it came from. :crying:


Feb-01-2012, 11:03am
I guess the big question is whether or not they are worth fixing up. If you plan on playing them then I would say yes, but if you plan on trying to sell them than the answer is NO. IMHO

Jake Wildwood
Feb-01-2012, 5:05pm
I take it you're in Europe?

Both looks like they would restore to fine instruments. I especially like the fluted ribs on the fancier bowl.

I would certainly consider making you an offer on the fluted one, but you will probably find there are plenty of others here who would do the same. :)

Feb-01-2012, 10:03pm
Jake, I think we have two conversations going on here. The fluted DeMureda bowl was posted a year ago, the other just the other day.