View Full Version : Ralph Stanley Hospitalized

Scotti Adams
Jan-10-2011, 9:13am
Ralph Stanley was hospitalized yesterday and an emergency pacemaker was installed. James Alan Shelton reports that he is resting comfortably and doing well.

Jan-10-2011, 1:41pm
Get well Ralph. I was just listening to your Stanley Brothers mercury and columbia anthologies this AM on my way to work.

Jan-21-2011, 2:44pm
Ralph Stanley is one of my all-time favorites, and I wish him all the best for a full recovery. God bless you Dr. Stanley.

Rick Schmidlin
Jan-21-2011, 2:50pm
A very nice and gentle man.

Get well Dr. Ralph Stanley

Willie Poole
Jan-21-2011, 8:58pm
Scotti, Have you heard an update on Ralph....I wonder if his web site would have any info?....Willie

Scotti Adams
Jan-22-2011, 7:34am
Sorry Willie..havent heard anymore news.

Willie Poole
Jan-22-2011, 2:19pm
I did go to his web site and all they said is that he had a pace maker installed and was doing fine....No word on whether he was still in the hospital or at home, I believe the hospital is in Coburn Va.and that is also where his home is so he is probably home by now....I hope he will still be able to perform, I know that is just about his whole life....


Jan-22-2011, 4:49pm
A mid-January gig or two was canceled, but there are still quite a few scheduled for 2011.

Mandolin Mick
Jan-22-2011, 5:23pm
Get well Ralph!!!