View Full Version : Happy Birthday, Earl Scruggs

Tom Mullen
Jan-06-2011, 9:47am
Born Jan 6 1924. I am thankfull for all he has done for Bluegrass music.
(mandolin content......he played with a few mando pickers in his career.....)

Jan-06-2011, 1:46pm
Yes sir!!!!! Happy Birthday Earl. Pete Seegar got me initially interested (banjo and Woody's rag on mando) but Earl gave us a lasting love / pass time that is essentially self entertainment for you life. And Bill gave us a whole lotta tunes to learn.

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-07-2011, 2:29am
Yes,a truly amazing guy !. His classic early recordings along with Lester & the boys are still the yardstick by which any 'trad.' Banjo picker can be measured,