View Full Version : Anyone going to see Rhonda Vincent tonight?

Feb-15-2004, 3:33am
Just wondering if anyone else was going to see Rhonda tonight at the Coach House. She's playing in San Juan Capistrano here in So CA. This concert was supposed to be last Wednesday but was rescheduled for tonight. Should be a great night, they only seat some 300 people. Most musicians will autograph afterwards here.

THE COACH HOUSE (http://thecoachhouse.com/)

Feb-15-2004, 3:58pm
Saw Rhonda last night (Valentine's Day/Night) in Sebastopol, California. Great show. She played a Smith Creek, definite "Banjo Killer," at least over the microphone. Don't miss her if you get a chance!

Feb-15-2004, 11:48pm
Hey JAK I was there to . Pretty good show. Young fellow playing guitar,Josh Williams, seemed pretty hot. Good mando player also, isn't there some scuttlebutt about him. I'm from the Santa Cruz area , where you from?
PS Nina Gerber is exceptional

Feb-16-2004, 6:07am
What a great night. She was wonderful!

When they set up Rhonda, they did not do a sound check. They played the first song totally un-amped. took a while to work out the bugs but she was so giving. She did many requests. Great to them all use one mic, they really work well together.


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