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Al Bergstein
Jan-02-2011, 7:08pm
My wife recently finished this quilt, all hand stitched, honoring the band I spent many years in, Back Burner, out of Snohomish County in Washington state. Enjoy...and happy new year to all of you players that make this forum so much fun to be a part of....


Jan-02-2011, 7:19pm
That is pretty incredible. I love it.

George R. Lane
Jan-02-2011, 7:25pm
What, no banjo!!! :)):)):))

Ed Goist
Jan-02-2011, 7:42pm
Wow! That is impressive work! Just beautiful. Congratulations & enjoy!

Al Bergstein
Jan-02-2011, 7:50pm
Mandomonium, the banjo's are there, on the edge of the quilt. They surround everything... both literally and metaphysically!

Ed Goist
Jan-02-2011, 8:00pm
The banjos have been cut in half, long-wise...Very smart.

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-03-2011, 2:49am
That's pretty awesome work by your wife. You folks in the US have turned 'quilting' into an artform. I saw some incredible quilting work in an art gallery (can't remember where exactly) in 1992,done by students from Berea College KY,back in 1992.
You folks also have the Antiques Roadshow on TV. I know that on the odd occasion when American made quilts have turned up on the UK show,they were valued at a LOT !!!. Personally, i greatly admire the skill & dedication that the people who make them must have,

Brett Byers
Jan-03-2011, 7:44am

Jan-03-2011, 1:47pm
Where's the dobro?


Willie Poole
Jan-03-2011, 9:24pm
No harmonicas either, or drums, or dulcimer, or piano or accordian....all of those things have been a part of bluegrass (as some of you call them) bands....Lol

Good job, my wife is into quilting but she doesn`t do any by hand, just by expensive machines...Thanks for sharing ....Willie

Ivan Kelsall
Jan-04-2011, 1:25am
From mandopete - "Where's the dobro ?". Not WSM approved !,

Al Bergstein
Jan-04-2011, 8:11pm
guitar, dobro, it's all the same (G - this from a good friend of Pete's).

Al Bergstein
Jan-04-2011, 8:13pm
Willie, my wife has an 'expensive machine' but did that one entirely by hand. By the way, she wants to remind us all that her 'expensive machine" was quite a bit less than my mandolin!

Jan-05-2011, 12:46pm
What is the size of the Quilt?

Jan-05-2011, 1:08pm
Looks great.


Jan-05-2011, 2:52pm
From mandopete - "Where's the dobro ?". Not WSM approved !,

Perhaps, but it's a mainstay for Back Burner!