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Dec-31-2010, 6:00pm
I heard some songs of Lost Highway a friend had and I really liked them. When I looked them up I found out they are no longer around. Does anyone know where I can get there music? I tried browsing around online but couldn't find anywhere.

Willie Poole
Dec-31-2010, 6:23pm
I have one CD recorded by Lost Highway and have really played it to death...the title of the CD is"Heading down that Lost Highway"
The studio that was selling their CD`s is Hay Holler Records Inc. PO Box 868 in Blacksburg Va. 20463...on the label there is a web site for the record company and hopefully you can contact them and see if they still carry their CD`s,,,,,The web site is: wwwhayholler.com...Their e mail is: hayhollr@usit.net....their phone number is: 540-552-7959...This album goes back to 1999 so they might not still be in business....Thats the best I can do unless you want me burn you a copy of the CD that I have, if I do that I will need you to send me your address, but try those other connections first.....Good luck.....Willie

Dec-31-2010, 6:37pm
You may want to contact Eric Uglum at www.ericuglum.com. Eric was along time member of Lost Highway (mandolin) and a lot of the recordings were done at his studio.