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Dec-28-2010, 1:17pm
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Artist to Artist - 10 Minutes with Avi Avital

Joe Brent meets up with Grammy nominated classical mandolinist Avi Avital online for our first ever Artist to Artist Interview.


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Jim MacDaniel
Dec-28-2010, 11:51pm
Nice interview between two wonderful talents -- plus it is interesting that both play incredibly beautiful and unique instruments: Avi his Arik Kerman mandolin, and Joe his one-of-a-kind Brian Dean creation.

Dec-29-2010, 2:52am
Great interview, and I loved the Bach!


Dec-29-2010, 3:13am
I just listened to the Dorman Concerto, Wow! What an amazing piece of music for the Mandolin! Mr. Avital's performance was "cosmic". Truly outstanding. Kudos to the composer and to the performer.


Dan Hoover
Dec-29-2010, 7:53am
great interview..i might watch the Grammy's now this year..

Mandolin Cafe
Dec-28-2017, 8:06am
Noting the anniversary of the publication of this interview in 2010.

Mandolin Cafe
Dec-28-2018, 4:33pm
Noting the anniversary of this interview published this date 2010.