View Full Version : You Are My Sunshine

Dec-16-2010, 5:41pm
I really want to play this to accompany my friend singing. However, I haven't a clue where to begin. Help?

Dec-16-2010, 5:48pm
There is sheet music in the oh brother where art thou book available at Amazon or Elderly.


Scott Holt
Dec-16-2010, 6:35pm
If you are playing with a friend, I would first recommend figuring out which key you friend sings it out of. Then try to figure out the chord progression, it typically involve the I-IV-V chords. Once you have figured out the chords then proceed to learning the melody line following the major scale for the key that you are playing it out of. Easy as pie!

George R. Lane
Dec-16-2010, 6:35pm
You might tries this link.