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Dec-14-2010, 6:15pm
Hello all I hope this is an acceptable request in this part of the Forum. I'm looking for a tab, abc or staff notation of this fantastic tune. It's on the mp3 here under Bluegrass and I've got another version on a Transatlantic Sessions DVD. I can play along but I would welcome any help at all to flesh out my effort. I asked elswhere here but maybe I should have asked in this interest area? Alasdair

Dec-14-2010, 8:08pm
It's also known as "Jesusita en Chihuaha." There's a version in one of Craig Duncan's books:


Dec-15-2010, 3:18am
EdSherry thanks and I can get it as a download I think so no waiting. As soon as I read its other title on your post I heard the Latin. All the best Alasdair.

ralph johansson
Dec-16-2010, 6:36am
It's on mandozine. Unforunately it's written one octave too high so that almost all the notes are above the staff!

Dec-16-2010, 12:34pm
Thanks Ralph I got a pdf of it arranged by John Cockman. It works well for me but I'll chase your lead up too. I also was able to watch youtubes of the dance which I find is a great help in learning a tune.

Dec-17-2010, 2:35am
I've got the sheet music if you want it.
Transcribed by Deborah Greenblatt in the key of G.
I can scan it and send via PM.

Dec-17-2010, 3:33am
That would be great harryt8, the more the merrier. I've been looking at Varsovienne lately and all the different versions make it even more interesting so it will be similar with the Jesse Polka. ps love the Father Jack

Dec-20-2010, 2:26am
I've sent you a PM to obtain your email address.
Await your advice.

Dec-20-2010, 7:30am
The great Joe Carr laid out this number in one of his early tab works, maybe Texas Fiddle Tunes.