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Dec-12-2010, 3:14pm
Hey all, I'd be interested in getting a bluegrass songbook with words and chords to standard jam-type songs, which also has a version of the melody in standard notation (not tab.)

I've seen the mando books threads and I'm not looking for a mandolin book in particular, but a general songbook which has the chords and melody in it, if such a thing exists. I'm also not looking for a fiddle tune or instrumental book- I have lots of those, I'm looking for song resources.

Once I get the basic tune down I can work on a break but sometimes I want to just learn the structure from a source, and I read music much faster than I read tab.

Any recommendations or warnings of books not to use are warmly appreciated.

happy December,


Dec-12-2010, 4:46pm
This is what you want. I used mine for exactly the same reasons.


Willie Poole
Dec-12-2010, 7:14pm
Neal, a lot of people don`t realize it but some public libraries have quite a bit of bluegrass material...Just give them the name of what you are looking for and they can tell you in a matter of seconds if they have a copy of it, some of them will even do a search of other libraries for any books you ask about if they don`t have them....YOUR TAX MONEY AT WORK...They also have CD`s and tapes of bluegrass......Check it out, I`m sure there is one in your county, or there should be....Good luck....Willie

Dec-13-2010, 12:29am
Great idea re: libraries- we have quite a few around here and they are pretty good- plus I have privileges at two local colleges.

Thanks for the head's up re: Bluegrass Fakebook, I've seen that and was considering it. Now I'll get it!

Keep the suggestions coming. . thank you both.