View Full Version : Rawhide - featuring a Japanese Shamisen! Wow!

Robert Moreau
Dec-10-2010, 7:09pm
A friend of mine found this video of a bluegrass band doing "Rawhide" with a traditional Japanese instrument - the Shamisen!:mandosmiley:


Dec-10-2010, 7:15pm
Here it is, yes?

Just click the Tube button when you go advanced editing for posting a reply and paste in the video ID this one is C8ojMvbauSQ from the link w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ojMvbauSQ


Robert Moreau
Dec-10-2010, 7:21pm
Thanks Jamie,

I appreciate the advice! Been a while since I posted... I always have to relearn the tech stuff.

I didn't mention before... The shamisen solo spot comes in about 2 minutes into the vid by the way, really fits the tune well well!

George R. Lane
Dec-10-2010, 7:28pm
That is one heck of scooped fretboard on his mandolin.

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-11-2010, 1:36am
Thanks for posting that Robert - It was really fun to watch & all the guys were obviously enjoying themselves,great stuff !,

Dec-11-2010, 1:57pm
I don't know if this is from the same show or not, but I think I caught this group on "Woodsongs" on PBS. A great show, and one I hope to catch again if they ever do reruns.