View Full Version : Potential wood seperation in point

Feb-14-2004, 5:51pm
I did something bad today... I was picking up my mandolin and the point by the tailpiece hit against the table. There was a bad sound so I was really frightened, but it still plays and sounds just like it did. On the outside it looks like the seam where the sides connect at the point is a little more pronounced. I tried squeezing it and it doesn't move (good, right?). I looked inside and felt around and it looks like the block of wood that's in the point is a little seperated from rim. This worries me. Should I just get some glue and fill it? Is it fine on it's own? Should I run it to a professional as soon as I can? Should I wait until Wintergrass and have someone smarter than me take a look at it?

Thank you for any help and suggestions!


Michael Lewis
Feb-15-2004, 12:26am
Winter Grass is pretty soon, have some one there look at it. If noticable seperation of any seam occurs remove the string tension until some one can look at it.