View Full Version : Comments on 1960s - 1970s era Gibson TG-0?

Dec-01-2010, 9:21am
Hi all - I am considering getting a Gibson TG-0 from the late 60s/early 70s. All mahogany and looks in the pictures to be in good condition. I've never played one - so am wondering what comments you might have on this era Gibson tenor. Thanks for your input.

Charles E.
Dec-01-2010, 6:00pm
I have owned a couple of these over the years and have found them to be less then great. They tend to be a bit beefy, ladder braced, and quiet. While some can be better then others this was not a good time for Gibson as far as quality instruments.

Dec-01-2010, 11:02pm
I've heard three Gibson tenors – I don't know what era – and none of them sounded all that great to me, very dry and thunky, but they might have had old strings or setup issues. As a side note, if you're playing in jams, you might want to hold out for spruce: I love my mahogany Martin from the '50s, but it's not very loud.

Dec-02-2010, 8:50am
Thanks for the insights - I will take your advice and hold off on the purchase. At some point in the future I should be able to find a music store with the Blueridge tenor lineup and give them a spin on my own.