View Full Version : seeking Hop High My Lulu Gal

Nov-30-2010, 10:01pm

Does anyone know where I can find sheet music for Hop High My Lulu Gal.


John Elemans

Nov-30-2010, 10:05pm
PM sent. Check your inbox.

Dec-01-2010, 2:45am
Oops, my bad. The song I have is "Hop High Ladies" and not that requested. Many apologies.

Dec-01-2010, 6:54am
You'll just have to look at the multiple (perhaps 41,396) variations of Hop High that are out there. That's one of those tunes that's got the name, words and even tune altered by different performers. Sometimes it sounds like a real modal downer, like in Dirk Powell's version on fretless banjo, to amped up burner like Crooked Still's, and sometimes it sounds exactly like Mrs. McCleoud's Reel with yet another name (like Have You Ever Seen The Devil Uncle Joe.) Perhaps if you'd tell everyone the performer's version you're after someone might know.

Dec-01-2010, 12:59pm
I was actually looking for the Crooked Still version. I didn't realize that there
were so many versions.


Dec-01-2010, 7:57pm
Aoife and the gang's arrangements are always pretty fascinating, so it'll be tough to match that up exactly. For a stripped-down, easier to lear version give Dirk Powell's a listen, sounds like it's 200 years old.

Tune DB (http://tunedb.woodenflute.com/) is usually a great place to find this stuff, but they only list the McCleod's reel version.

Looking around for a minute shows I'm no further help here! I tried a few other tune databases and came up empty. Just have to pop it on the cd player and work it out. Rush's opening cello solo pretty much sums the tune up; get that down and get a great band to cook behind you, add a great singer, and you're good to go.

Ivan Kelsall
Dec-02-2010, 3:04am
There's a version of it on one of John Reischman's 'Jaybirds' CD's "The Road West" & "Hop High Ladies" is on another Jaybirds CD 'Field Guide'.. When i bought the 'Road West' I put the CD on without looking at the track titles.When ''Hop High....'' came on,i thought that they were singing 'Popeye my Lulu Gal'. I had a heck of a laugh about it !!,:))~:>

Dec-02-2010, 5:16pm
That would make it "Popeye, Olive's my girl." Uh oh, I feel a song coming on...