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Elliot Luber
Nov-28-2010, 9:08am
I met with some old friends last night, who were in my first band with me back in high school, and we finally decided to get together and play again (for fun) after talking about it on and off for the last three years. Two brothers now have an acoustic duo in clubs and our drummer is back off touring for the last 20 years with top-name acts, so we want to get together for old time's sake.

So they tell me to learn an old fiddle tune, which they feel is perfect for the mandolin (back then I was a fiddle player). It was a song whose title I had long been familiar with from Cafe discussions, but of course this morning I'm a complete blank. I've been through all the threads I can find and all the fiddle tune collections online and the title just isn't jumping out at me this morning.

Last night, they started telling me the title and I knew it well enough to complete their sentence. Maybe some hair of the dog would help. I hate having to call them up sheepishly and admit I don't remember, but that may be my best option. :)

Elliot Luber
Nov-28-2010, 9:49am
Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fisherman's Hornpipe. I feel better now! :))

Josh Kaplan
Nov-28-2010, 10:42am
That's what happens with memory as you get old. Eventually--a few minutes, a half hour--the thing you're trying to recall comes back. In the meantime, though, it feels like you're in a dark tunnel, and there's nothing you can do to force it. When I was younger, if I couldn't remember something, I knew it would come back in a minute. Now, I try to change the subject or just say, it'll come to me later, since if I just stand there trying to remember, I can be standing there a long time.

My wife says that by the time you think of yourself as middle-aged, you're old.

Fisher's Hornpipe is a great tune.


Mandolin Mick
Nov-28-2010, 11:01am
Yeah ... the short term memory is almost gone. I can remember how to play songs I learned many years ago. But, I can learn some Bill Monroe tune, note-for-note, and a week later I can't remember it ... :(

John Soper
Nov-28-2010, 5:53pm
What I hate is forgetting where I put that little yellow post-it sticky with the list of things I was going to remember... or forgetting where I put the pad of post-its...

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-29-2010, 1:22am
My short term memory for names is bad !. I can however, usually remember the names of people whom i haven't seen for many years,which always seems odd. Re.the names of tunes that i can play (on Banjo) i can remember the names of some of them,but have almost forgotten how to play them,others i can play,but i've forgotten what they're called.
It is due to age,but other factors come into it. When i was working as a design / manufacturing engineer in the Aerospace industry,there were so many parts with the same 'name' ie.a bracket / angle / gusset etc. that i got used to remembering their individual part numbers so as to distinguish one from another,so,i became very number orientated. I can now remember number far better than names.
I don't have many problems regarding the learning of new tunes,because being an 'ear player' i have to play the tunes / songs,over & over & ........,they soon become imprinted in the old grey stuff.However,i do get confused with tunes that are very similar.I've recently learned a tune called "Chicken House" off a CD by the Guitarist Mo Canada. It's very similar in parts to "Clinch Mt.Backstep" & a couple of other tunes that i know. Yesterday whilst 'noodling' around & watching TV,i started playing what i though was CH then realised that i was actually playing CMB !. It took me ages to get back on track with CH,even then i got to drifting back to CMB - never mind,i'll simply call it "Clinch Mt.Chicken House" or "Chicken House Backstep" - a Rose by any other name & all that !!,

Willie Poole
Nov-29-2010, 1:50pm
I like to tell people that" My brain is full" and can`t absorb anything more....Occasionally when starting a song I have to ask one of my band memebrs what the first word of a song is, after I get that I am usually OK, the bad part about that is that aren`t always correct and I`ll be singing the third verse instead of the first verse.....I am amazed that I do know and remember the words to about 200 songs so we aren`t hurting for material....

I Went to see Merle Haggard one time and he completly forgot the words to a song that he says he sings just about every day so it does happen even to the "Big Boys".... He blamed it on George Dickle, 100 proof, black label.....some call it "CRS"...Can`t remember s---er stuff....

Nov-29-2010, 6:32pm
What I hate is when I'm looking for my car keys and then realize they're in my hand.:whistling:

Mark Hudson
Nov-29-2010, 6:49pm
What I hate is when I'm looking for my car keys and then realize they're in my hand.:whistling:

Or your glasses when you're wearing them? <sigh> ~:>

Doug Edwards
Nov-29-2010, 7:25pm
I don't feel alone any more. What were you talking about?

Salty Dog
Nov-30-2010, 12:52am
Like Doug, I'm now at ease rather than embarrassed for looking for my glasses while wearing them - until now I felt that it took a certain amount of creative stupidity (or senility) to get that far!

Nov-30-2010, 12:59am
I've forgotten more tunes than I remember........if you don't use it you lose it.
Some folks keep a list of all the tunes they know & run through them now & then.
Maybe that is a good idea. I can usually get them back by working on them again,
but I'd be hard pressed if someone called one in a jam I hadn't played for several years.

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-30-2010, 2:37am
Willie - "CRS"...Can`t remember s---er stuff.... ". I first heard of that back in '92 in Owensboro.I was talking to a guy named Erwin K.Royal,a 'Kentucky Colonel' no less & his wife Gladys,who looked just like Granny Clampett. I was telling him about things & my memory for names was letting me down big time.He kept saying 'you got CRS'. He said this a few times & saw that i was puzzled.He said "you don't know what CRS is do you son ?",i said no. Granny Clampett is now looking up at the sky. Irwin told me " it means can't remember s**t !" .I said yes,i 've got a lot of that. We all had a good laugh about it. The following day he brought me a 1/2 gallon flagon of m*******e,which improved my memory even worse !. A great guy & i still have the business card he gave me with his picture on it. He was a Harmonica playing champ. & he WAS good.He could play "Area Code 615's "Stone Fox Chase" as well as Charlie McCoy. The 'white lightning' was good too,although i had to let it down with lemonade,too strong for me
Ivan :grin::mandosmiley:

Bertram Henze
Nov-30-2010, 3:25am
This is a phenomenon well known to ITM players, and not only the old ones. There's one rule:

If you can remember the name of a tune, you don't play enough tunes yet.

Memory of a tune and its name exclude each other - typically, you get acquainted with a new tune by hearing it in a session and asking its name. With luck, somebody will be able to say the name, then you look it up at thesession.org and start practising. While the tune builds up in your brain, it slowly eats away the name and by the time you can perfectly play it, all remnants of the name will be gone.

That's why some session players have a list of their repertoire scribbled on a piece of paper in their pocket. They might also have a driver's license in case somebody ask their name.

Nov-30-2010, 12:56pm
I had something really clever to add, if I could remember what it was...

Dec-04-2010, 10:12am
My memory is not what it used to be. Another thing, my memory is not what it used to be.

Ron Hale
Dec-04-2010, 12:26pm
I had something really clever to add, if I could remember what it was...

Me too, Allen. The only thing I can remember is that it was extremely important!


Willie Poole
Dec-04-2010, 12:30pm
Ivan...My dad was a great harmonica player and new nothing about music...My brother bought his a german made harmonica that had eight of them all together, one for each manjor key and when we all got together to play all he had to do was spin that thing around and find the one for the key we were plaing in....He loved to listen Charlie McCoy and if you remember the band "The Harmonicats" he just was so tickled to watch them perform, I believe they were all Little people ( midgets to some)...I never dould get anything from a harmonica myself.....

And yes, I remember Owensboro real well, made just about all of the IBMA shows there before it got so commercial, vudeo taped most of them and still go back and watch them once a year....I put cherries in my White Lighting.....Goes down easy and then explodes....

Sorry to get off of the topic here, please don`t punish me fellows.....I forgot what I was posting about.... CRS ya know....Willie