View Full Version : 1940's KAY mandolin

Nov-19-2010, 11:03am
Hey all, anyone have any thoughts on this instrument?


How does the price seem?

thanks! jc.

F-2 Dave
Nov-19-2010, 4:58pm
If it's absolutely immaculate and plays and sounds good, $250 might still be a little on the high end. I had one a lot like it for a while that sounded and played remarkably good for what it was. I gave $150 for mine with the original case. (chipboard, but solid and in good working order.) I sort of have a soft spot for those old Kays, That one looks nice, but a closer inspection would be in order before I would want to make an offer. Good luck.

Nov-19-2010, 5:04pm
It looks like about $150.00 more than I'd pay for it. If you like it go for it. Keep in mind two things though. It's most likely laminated wood (Kay saw that as a feature and said so in their advertising) and the neck joints on these are notorious for failing.

Nov-22-2010, 7:37am
Thanks for the input guys. If it were July, it might be worth a trip to the Cape . . . in November, maybe not so much. . . . jc.