View Full Version : Something that makes me very proud

Scotti Adams
Nov-19-2010, 6:23am
Although hes not bit by the BG bug..yet...Im proud of my son. Ive tried to get him to learn for many years and he didnt take much interest in it. One day I turn around and hes says "Dad..can you show me that D chord again?"


I guess some "producer" has seen this and wants to record some more of him.

Things that make a daddy proud.

Nov-19-2010, 12:09pm
Nice voice!

Nov-19-2010, 1:48pm
Yeah, nice voice and song. Why is he up the tree - is that a hunting thing?

Steve Ostrander
Nov-19-2010, 2:16pm
That's a tree stand. It's a device that wakes you up when you fall asleep while hunting:)

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-20-2010, 1:48am
He's just keeping out of the way of the bears c******g in the woods !:grin:. Joking apart,that's great, & you've every right to be proud of him Scotti - well done,