View Full Version : Sunrise by the Country Gentlemen

Mandolin Mick
Nov-17-2010, 10:51am
Anybody know where there's a mandolin tab of Sunrise by the Country Gentlemen? :mandosmiley:

Scotti Adams
Nov-19-2010, 6:29am
Dont know of any tab..do know its in C..has a A minor trown in there too. If my memory serves me right the other chords are just F and G. Dont have the mando with me right now to be more sure.

Nov-19-2010, 6:55am
Yah, just put on a pair of striped trousers and go to town!

Mandolin Mick
Nov-20-2010, 2:05am
Thanx guys. I can figure it out, and Duffey does a lot of repetitive things in there, but I just wanted to save time! ;)

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-23-2010, 2:04am
That's one heck of a tune there Mick !. I couldn't understand how the Banjo playing was done when i first heard it over 40 years ago.The 'finger & thumb' style of picking was way outside what i'd seen & heard (not much at that time). Later on i read that Eddie Addcock had previously played Tenor Banjo,so that gave me a clue. You might try the banjo part as well,it's very clearly defined playing,but maybe a bit tricky - maybe i should follow my own advice & try it myself,trouble is,i've only got it on LP,

Mandolin Mick
Nov-23-2010, 2:58am
Thanx Ivan!

Thought you may like this picture of Eddie & yours truly at Bean Blossom last year ... :)

ralph johansson
Nov-23-2010, 3:49am
I believe they made everything up in the studio, possibly on the spot. So every other performance would have to be different. As they never play the actual melody it might be a good thing to learn it. Les Paul and Mary Ford's version is on YouTube, in D.

Mandolin Mick
Nov-23-2010, 4:34am
Thanx guys ... I asked Eddie about his banjo playing on that, but I only remember him confirming that it's him playing. I only have a rudimentary knowledge of the 5 string anyway ...

I have it on CD on the Bluegrass Hall of Fame collection. :)

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-24-2010, 2:34am
Thanks for that Mick - is Eddie back playing after his operation ?.I met him at Owensboro in 1992 a very nice person indeed to talk to.I was asking him about the difficulty of using his Banjo on it's stand,he didn't seem to have any worries about it. It blew me away to watch him though. About his playing on "Sunrise" - for me, it was as innovative in it's own way as Bill Keith's style was & has been as widely copied.The only other picker i know of who brushed up against that style was Don Reno,

Mandolin Mick
Nov-24-2010, 2:53am

He's back playing and singing. One is a picture of him with his wife doing Gospel and the other is the Country Gentlemen "reunion" with Waller. There's an indepth story on YouTube about his operation which got national attention here.

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-25-2010, 2:08am
Thanks Mick - That's fantastic news. I forgot to add in my previous post,that i shared a dining room table in the Executive Inn restaurant with Eddie & Martha one morning. I didn't realise it,but at the table next to mine,Charlie Waller was sitting there with 3 others folk. Eddie & Martha came in,saw CW, & as my table was next to his,they asked if they could share mine.Needless to say,who'd ever refuse ?. That was when i had a chance to talk to them all. Great people to talk to & very interested in hearing about the Bluegrass scene in England.
The film of Eddie undergoing surgery during which he was playing a Banjo,was widely shown in the UK as well,but of course there was no 'follow up' story,

Mandolin Mick
Nov-25-2010, 6:44am

I've been a musician for about 40 of my 51 years, played with classical, rock, jazz musicians, etc. ... and I have to say ... Bluegrass musicians are the friendliest and most down-to-earth musicians that I've ever met! :)