View Full Version : Martin A style early 40s mandolin

Nov-08-2010, 8:36am
I have a Martin mandolin A style from the 40s war years. A buddy wants to buy it. I seldom play it as I have a couple of Gibsons. It sounds great and is in good shape, one small stable crack on the top. What would be a ball park figure to charge? I don't want to rip anyone off, my buddy or myself. Thanks- Mike

Nov-08-2010, 1:12pm
Paid $750 for a 1919 Martin Style A with a (newer) hardshell case, last year. Quick Google search finds prices ranging from that figure, up to perhaps $1500, depending on condition and age. Sunburst A's seem to go for more. Stutzman's in Rochester has two A's, for $799 and $849, with cases.

Nov-08-2010, 4:01pm
Got a '54 on eBay about 8 months ago for $415, with the squarish Kluson 4-on-a-strip covered tuners; no open gears. Plays & sounds good, but finish is checked and far from great, although it looks better in real life than the pictures looked on eBay. Came in original (?) "gator-hide" chipboard case in moderate condition (looks good, but some water delamination of the outside layer). Probably about the bottom condition / price that most would want to go.

Nov-09-2010, 9:43am
Thanks for the good advice.