View Full Version : Any thoughts on this Tenor Banjo??

Nov-07-2010, 8:59am
I broke down and bought a tenor banjo off ebay. I would appreciate any thoughts on the value of this instrument. I guess since I already purchased it I want to know if I made a good buy?:grin: I never played with one so I know nothing.

Jim Garber
Nov-07-2010, 9:45am
Maybell was a Slingerland brand and Slingerland was a drum company. Of course we don't know what you paid but it is prob a decent banjo.

Nov-07-2010, 10:17am
I paid less than I would for a new Gold Tone Cripple Creek. I guess I was wondering what price a person should expect to pay for this Banjo, so I can compare to what I paid. I looked online and prices are wide ranging. Ebay always leaves a little trepidation until item arrives.

Nov-07-2010, 1:30pm
I don't know if anybody collects Maybell banjos (I am not an expert). If that's the case, the value is probably dependent on condition, playability/sound, decade of manufacture, and how cool the decorations are.

Charles E.
Nov-07-2010, 9:52pm
It's kind of a moot point. What ever you paid, you own it. Enjoy it!

Nov-08-2010, 7:58am
:grin: Yep I guess so. Question is can I get out from under it if it does'nt pan out?:confused:

Nov-08-2010, 1:27pm
If the banjo is playable, i.e. the action is reasonable and the neck not too warped, you can set it up to sound fairly good. These banjos will sell for around $300 or so give or take $100 (mostly take) on ebay. They are not terrific banjos, but were intended to be an entry or intermediate banjo. If it is in decent condition, you can get your money back. If you intend to play GDAE tuning you will have to do some surgery on the nut and bridge, but that is not too hard and any decent luthier can do to for you.

It is a slingerland maybelle, one of the slightly higher grades. The good news is that the tailpiece is worth $150 to almost anyone on Banjohangout.org so you can recoup some of your money right away. Use a modern Waverly (from Elderly) in its place.

Nov-08-2010, 4:20pm
Cool thanks Mike. That makes me feel a lot better. I am a mandolin guy trying to see if I can get along with a tenor banjo. This should fill the bill. I am assured by the seller, lol that the neck is great, so we shall see. Thanks again