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Nov-06-2010, 8:36am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Jimmy Gaudreau - Pieces and Bits

Jimmy Gaudreau's latest studio recording "Pieces and Bits" has been released by Goose Creek Music.


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Nov-06-2010, 9:41am
Immediately bought this (of course). Ran into Jim Watson a few weeks ago, said release was imminent. Looks like a dandy, with new tunes, remakes of some of the older tunes. Frank Vignola, banjo man Kruger, others.

Jimmy is cool.

Nov-06-2010, 11:07am
In my inbox, just got a note from the man himself. Seems I'll be the first recipient of this release. It will hence have a special place in my heart :-)

Orrin Star
Nov-06-2010, 5:37pm
Jimmy and I will be doing our annual Thanksgiving Saturday show
on November 27 in Herndon, VA. Jimmy told me that this will
be his first gig at which the new CD will be available. And (as usual)
we'll be performing those of his original tunes that I played on.
Orrin Star

ps see Cafe Calendar or www.orrinstar.com for details

Ivan Kelsall
Nov-07-2010, 2:16am
That's a 'must buy ' for me,the guy's great !,

Nov-08-2010, 2:11pm
So glad to see something new coming from Jimmy! Ive been lucky enough not only to have been a fan, but also a friend for many years. I spent more hours as a kid playing and replaying his first Country Gentlemen LP "New Look New Sound" than I care to remember. I guess thats because I never figured out his break on "Lets".:) Im sad to report, I never figured out any of his other breaks for that matter. Playing the mandolin, notice I didn't call myself a mandolin player, Ive watched them all. I've stood next to Monroe, Duffey, Lawson and many other great players, while I never could play like they were playing, I understood what they were doing and where and why on the neck they were doing it. Not with Jimmy G! Ive been in and around jams sessions and backstage for years watching his left hand. Ive watched up close and personal. Ive even been in the studio with the guy and I still have no idea what he's doing! But whatever it is, I love it!! Can't wait to get yet another project I'll never figure out. Keep'em coming Jimmy!