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Nov-03-2010, 8:57am
Just a note to sing the praises of this great, unheralded picker. Have the Summer Wages LPs in the player, and have really been listening to Rick's technique and style. One word: marvelous. He took the best from Doyle, Gaudreau, Skaggs and created really his own thing. I think he was the logical bridge to Alan Bibey in some ways, particularly in how Rick handles B chord.

He was, of course, a member of Charlie Waller's CG and recorded the great record River Bottom. His playing on that was very good. I caught the band back then, at the old Vernon Valley BG festival in NJ. Great fest - Monroe, Osborne Bros., Pete Rowan, others. Attracted a biker contingent, for some reason. WFDU broadcast one year's festival on the radio and I recorded it. I then had our own John McGann transcribe a couple of Rick's solos off that - Bill Bailey, Travelling Kind. Very hip playing, indeed.

Just the other week, I was hoping to see Rick perform at Matthew Allred's Memorial B-B-Q. Alas, he didn't show and the band he was to pick with then asked me to sit in...I'm Not Worthy! No way.

Scotti Adams
Nov-03-2010, 11:16am
Yea..your worthy.

Rick is another player who has fell thru the cracks. I know he went on to play banjo and dobro is some groups.

Scotti Adams
Nov-03-2010, 11:36am
His mando of choice

Stephen Cagle
Nov-03-2010, 11:56am
Yep your right scotti. I have always kept an eye (well, an ear) open just in case something come up with Rick playing on it. The first time I came across Summer Wages I wore the cassett out.

Willie Poole
Nov-03-2010, 12:11pm
I believe Rick played banjo for a while with Larry Stephenson`s band....I loved his mandolin picking on the Gents recording of "The Likes Of You"...In the key of B of course....Or maybe B flat...

Nov-03-2010, 12:27pm
It was B.

He also was on an old recording called Fire On The Mountain with a dobro man Berrier. Flinstones theme is on there. And he has played mandolin with The McPeake Brothers. And he was in a band called Bluegrass Blend, with Kent Dowell, shortly before joining the Gents (also with Kent.) F5Loar had a birthday party one year, picked some with Kent, and ex-BG Boys, too.

Nov-08-2010, 10:10pm
Since I've had the privliage of playing in some band formations with Rick his best skill is in the tone he gets. He has had that 70's Clawson F5 copy for as long as I've known him. Dean Clawson made quite a few hit and misses during his long mandolin building career but the one Rick got is pretty fine. Rick knows how to get the tone along with just the right notes that he masters through his touch and feel for the song. There were 3 recordings he did with the Gents and those 3 Summer Wages recordings are great examples of what Rick can do. He did 2 recordings with Kent in their band Bluegrass Blend. He still does little local jobs in North Carolina with long time picking buddy Kent Dowell.

Nov-09-2010, 7:48am
What are the 3 CG albums? River Bottom +...

And I have 2 SW albums - Can't Stop Now and the one with Chattanooga Dog. What's the 3rd?

Lynn Dudenbostel
Nov-09-2010, 8:30am
I always loved Ricks playing. Saw him with the CG several times over the years. Always tasteful and great tone. I remember seeing Summer Wages at Buddys BBQ in Knoxville, and seems like the Berrier brothers were in the band at that time, but I don't remember Rick in there. Who else played mandolin with them? I'm thinking this was about the time Rick was with the CG.


Nov-09-2010, 2:28pm
The CG was River Bottom and before that one was Sit Down Young Stranger also on Sugar Hill. Rick was brought in to finish that recording when Doyle left in the middle of it. Worth it for "South Elm Street" and "Love & Wealth" Also there was that CG reunion double Sugar Hill recording with JD/Seldom Scene and others. Rick and Kent do the live CG portion of that one.
On the Summer Wages was the first one titled Summer Wages with the Chattanooga Dog and the 2nd one was Reflections which Craig Smith left in the recording of and Rick doubled out on the banjo to finish it. Has the great song "Jamboree" and "Milwaukee".
And their 3rd was Can't Stop Now which brought in Jim Mills on banjo and seeing the Dobro Berrier boy leaving. I also have the rare Lamon Records Live Summer Wages from the Mountain Stage Radio Show which has Rick doing a super job on "Roanoke" "Wheel Hoss" and "Sledd Ridin". It don't get any better on a mandolin than this.
Lynn as far as know it was only Rick on mandoin but maybe you saw them when Rick was on banjo. Summer Wages was after he left the CG in early 1983 so that would not have been the case. This would have been from 1983 to 1988 when Summer Wages was together.

Nov-09-2010, 2:42pm
Thanks, Tom.

the rare Lamon Records Live Summer Wages from the Mountain Stage Radio Show which has Rick doing a super job on "Roanoke" "Wheel Hoss" and "Sledd Ridin". It don't get any better on a mandolin than this.

I'm certain it don't...

Lynn Dudenbostel
Nov-09-2010, 9:41pm
Thanks Tom... by '83, Buddy's BBQ (our local live music venue) had pretty much stopped having bands in to play, so I probably didn't see Summer Wages. I remember the Berrier bros. playing in some band here though. Wonder who they were with prior to Summer Wages?

Nov-10-2010, 4:16pm
There was a band before Rick joined up in '83 like Interstate Exchange or something like that? They were pretty much a local band then until Summer Wages and the record deal with Rebel. Barry and his brother were getting some attention back then. I'm thinking Jim Mills played banjo back then too. Barry to me had the smooth vocal of Keith Whitley and could have made it in Nashville after his stint with Lost & Found if he had someone to back him. His one solo CD is pretty hard to beat.

Willie Poole
Nov-10-2010, 11:25pm
Tom, I talked to Barry one year in Florida at a festival and suggested he try the "Country scene" and the next time I seen him he said he tried it but came back to Lost and Found because he loved bluegrass way too much...I believed he played an electric bass with another group a few years ago at Gettysburg, might be mistaken about that, I`m getting old and my memory ain`t what it used to be....

Nov-11-2010, 5:40am
Barry fit in so well with the L&F because they had a country sound, at times. They put out a CD called A Ride Through The Country, very good. I was talking to Herschel Sizemore one time, he said the same thing. Allen Mills is a throwback to when it was all country music.

Nov-11-2010, 1:16pm
Seems he was bass man in the Lonesome River Band a short while.

Salty Dog
Nov-12-2010, 1:29am
He really does a nice job with the McPeak Brothers in "Pathway to Heaven" and I wondered if he might be associated with John Duffey's daughter listed with a last (I suppose married name) of Allred. There doesn't seem to be much information about John Duffey's personal so perhaps that is a topic for another thread.