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Oct-31-2010, 11:26am
I was playing around with Google Maps and found Bill's farm on the satellite image and got to wondering who it belongs to now. I know Gaylord bought it at the auction, just wondering if they still own it or if someone is living there. Looks like the barns had some storm damage at one time or another.http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=361+Allen+Rd,+Hendersonville,+TN+37075&daddr=36.351011,-86.656209&hl=en&geocode=CSVEpjRXgiZxFYqwKgIdt67V-imXjOTMeEZkiDEptxebhQnlBA%3B&gl=us&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=20&sll=36.351045,-86.656175&sspn=0.000658,0.001263&ie=UTF8&ll=36.351085,-86.65615&spn=0.000658,0.001263&t=h&z=20

Oct-31-2010, 5:01pm
Don't appear to be tracks in front of the car behind the barn; wonder how long that has been parked there?

Oct-31-2010, 6:02pm
Looks like it's been there a while. Sure is a big house built at the end of the road. I'd think that was part of Bill's 288 acres. Looks like someone has broke a garden behind Bill's cabin too.

Oct-31-2010, 7:00pm
If you drag over west a short bit to Long Hollow Pike, then go south a bit to (the other) Willis Branch Rd. you will see where I attend church most Sundays!

Funny thing, my wife and I looked at a house that was for sale on Long Hollow Pike a few years ago. The real estate guy took us on a hike up the "back 40" of that property, and we were soon on the land that was once Bill Monroe's old place. It turned out that the place we were looking at was once owned by James Monroe, Bill's son.

We didn't buy the place, but I remember we both got a bad case of chiggers from romping around in the woods that day.


Nov-01-2010, 4:27am
Looks like it's been there a while. Sure is a big house built at the end of the road. I'd think that was part of Bill's 288 acres. Looks like someone has broke a garden behind Bill's cabin too.

Apparently the Google photo is a relatively old one. That car was one of Bill's last vehicles. It was sold in Nashville at the disgusting auction of Monroe's personal belongings, etc. The garden is what's left of the patch of land that Monroe used to plow with his mule.

I believe Gaylord Ent. still owns the surrounding land and properties you see on that stretch of road, and then some. The original founder and president of Gaylord (a generous and sensible man, unlike those who took over the company) offered to let Bill live out his days on that farm when they purchased a huge amount of real estate in the 'neighborhood'. Monroe had all but "lost" his savings by then.

Nov-01-2010, 5:14am
The Google photo is relatively new. The large estate at the end of the road wasn't there in 1997 also the garden is missing. http://msrmaps.com/image.aspx?T=1&S=10&Z=16&X=2654&Y=20114&W=1&qs=212+allen+rd%7cgoodlettsville%7c%7c&Addr=212+Allen+Rd%2c+Goodlettsville%2c+TN+37072&ALon=-86.6705995&ALat=36.3453593

Nov-01-2010, 6:34pm
I live in Goodlettsville
I believe what you have pinpointed on the map is bills barn not his house. I think the house is to the immediate left of your pinpoint.
This satellite image is kind of strange, next door to Bills log home is another log home. I cannot find the roof to that log home anywhere. It should be right next to the road and only a few hundred yards down from Bills log Home.
As to who lives in the home...
From what I can remember a station manager of WSM moved into that home, and he still lives there.

Nov-01-2010, 8:01pm
Thanks for the info. At least someone is living there and it's not just setting there going to ruins. Yeah, the house is just to the left of the barn, surrounded by the trees.

Nov-01-2010, 9:48pm
The man who lives on the property was actually the President for the Grand Ole Opry. I am not going to name names, if you really want to know who it is... google the past GMs of the Grand Ole Opry. He does not live in monroes cabin, he did however build a home next to it. He is a very nice gentleman and im glad to know he is taking care of monroes property.