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Oct-28-2010, 1:42pm
Hi all...

I've had numerous requests to re-post this classic interview, featuring Bill Monroe and Lester Flatt--reunited after 40 years!

I thought I had lost it, but it recently resurfaced, and now I share it with you all...

Here tis (http://www.radiofreeolga.com/interview.html)...


Oct-28-2010, 1:57pm
Always a crowd pleaser.

Scotti Adams
Oct-28-2010, 2:04pm
Thanks again Bruce

Oct-28-2010, 4:00pm
That's hysterical ...

Rob Fowler
Oct-28-2010, 4:17pm
Wow, that was really a treat to here those 2 talk about each other. Too funny! Thanks so much for finding this!

Oct-28-2010, 4:21pm
What does Monroe say about the Nashville Grass?

Scott Holt
Oct-28-2010, 4:37pm
I heard that this was not real by a good friend of mine who had heard this in the past. Purportedly it was done by the Oakridge Boys, or something along those lines. Does anyone know the real scoop on this. Am I incredibly naive for believing this was real?

Scotti Adams
Oct-28-2010, 4:48pm
I believe its Glen Duncan doing Monroe, Ronnie McCoury as the Disc Jockey...not sure who is doing Flatt.

Tom Mullen
Oct-28-2010, 5:06pm
The person doing Flatt's voice is "Stub" his old bus driver.

Tom Mullen
Oct-28-2010, 5:09pm
Also, listen to the dates given at the end of the interview. Lester had been dead for some time when this was recorded. Scruggs was NEVER in the Nashvile Grass, as F & S broke up in 1969.

Oct-28-2010, 5:10pm
I heard that this was not real....

You guys just don't believe anything today, do you? ;)

The "Flying V" part really gives it away though, no?
I love it when those guys finally start blowing coffee through their noses... ;)

Mandolin Mick
Oct-28-2010, 5:56pm
Too bad it never really happened ... :(

David Zaruba
Oct-28-2010, 6:02pm
That was hilarious! Great imitation of Flatt and Monroe's voices.

Scott Holt
Oct-28-2010, 6:09pm
Thanks for the confirmation. However, I must say, the interview was great. Not knowing it was a hoax at first, i was blown away a bit. Thanks again.

Tom Mullen
Oct-28-2010, 8:54pm
I had forgotten that Flatt was only a few years younger than Monroe. (1914 vs 1911). At the end of the interview, "Flatt" says he is 77. Since he was born in 1914, the recording would have been done in 1991. Lester died in 1979 at the age of 65. (I remember where I was when I heard it on the radio)
Damn, what a hoot that interview is.........
I get a kick outta Monroe and what he did for the others (F&S and Elvis and Garth):))

Oct-29-2010, 12:56am
"I was born in 1911. **You** figure it out!" Glen Duncan had more down than Mon's voice! Glen has also imitated Mon on record, e.g. Longview "Train that Carried my Girl from Town".

Mandolin Mick
Oct-29-2010, 1:46am
I had a huge smile on my face throughout that interview ... those voices are about as close as you're going to get! :)

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-29-2010, 2:54am
It's one of the funniest thing i've ever heard - period !. I've got it on my PC in MP3 & WMA File format. ''Just in case'', i transfered it to disc.,well worth keeping,

Oct-29-2010, 10:11am
gotta stitch me up over that Kenny Baker bit. :))

Oct-29-2010, 12:50pm
Glen Duncan had more down than Mon's voice!

You got that right.... :)

Apparently Bill did that little whistling bit when he got really steamed, and you hear that whistling all throughout that interview...
Just classic...

Thank Michael Cleveland for this, BTW...
That's who I got it from...

Tim W
Oct-29-2010, 1:34pm
I heard this one day on the way to the bowling alley with Stuart Duncan. I don't know where he got it from but there was a small part of it missing, the part about singing to pitch was not in it. I'm glad you posted that whole thing, I always wondered what was missing.

Glen Duncan spent a lot of time with Monroe. The day the shooting started during Desert Storm (gulf war) I was sittting there at a table at the Bell Cove Club with Bill and Glen watching the missle strikes on that big TV they had in there. I was home on leave and on my way back in a week to the war zone; I had come home to bury my Dad.

There are lots of stories various players around town could tell but I never heard a better Monroe impression than Glen's. He not only has the voice, syntax, and cadence down pat, he has a lot of those little quirks and mannerisms figured out too. Can you imagine how fast you've gotta think to be able to do all that off the cuff without it sounding like an impression? He never missed a beat.

Geez, I can't imagine saying that part about " you'da thought they coulda come up with a name that didn't have nothin' to do with a bunch of horns" with so much spontaniety, I'd get my tounge all tangled up!

Sep-30-2013, 9:28pm
OK, I stuck this interview up on YouTube for posterity...

Mike Bunting
Sep-30-2013, 10:14pm
OK, I stuck this interview up on YouTube for posterity...

I think I hear Ronnie McCoury as Lance Husky? Who are the others?

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-01-2013, 2:45am
If i'm ever over in the US at a festival where Del & the boys are playing,if i get to meet Ronnie McCoury i'm going to say, '' i do believe that you're Mr Lance Husky,the Pop Radio DJ '', just to see his face !. It's still one of the funniest things i've ever heard, & it really rips me up when 'Bill Monroe' mentions how much he liked a drink of Whisky - that's a rib cracker for sure,:grin:

Oct-01-2013, 2:47pm
I think I hear Ronnie McCoury as Lance Husky?


Who are the others?

Glen Duncan and Charlie Van...

Oct-04-2013, 7:42am
I laughed so hard I would have fallen out of my chair if it didn't have arms. Lester Flatt with a Flying Vee.............. those guys....

Oct-13-2013, 12:47pm
Laughed so hard I dropped a whole handful of mashed potatoes and gravy!
I just sent it so some friends not as Cafe inclined as the rest of us sophisticates!
Thanks Bruce!