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Oct-26-2010, 7:53pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Guardian Professional Fiberglass Case for Mandolin

Guardian is now shipping the long-awaited Professional Fiberglass Mandolin Case (CG-065-M-LGY), which has the impact-resistant, water-repellent and durable features of similar cases three times the price.


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Oct-29-2010, 3:04pm
Does anyone know if this will be available for the A style mandolins ?

Jim MacDaniel
Oct-29-2010, 3:42pm
It is body-agnostic. It has a symetrical cutout abovev the body, so it should be able to accomodate A's, F's, and even two-points, although short-neck instruments might have a challenge as with other cases with large internal gear compartments. (See the current "Guardian Flight Case" thread for pics, as well as the mixed first-hand reviews about them.)

Cheryl Watson
Nov-03-2010, 10:27pm
Now THAT's what I'm talkin' about!! Nice light exterior, rolled handle, crushed velvet interior (no fuzzy plush).

Roman Pekar
Nov-30-2020, 5:38am
I know it's an old thread, but have these been discontinued shortly after they started making them? I'd really like to have one. Especially if it was possible to have in black + lime green interior - I think it'd be perfect combination of durability, style and price for me.