View Full Version : I Wonder as I Wander - blues chord melody version

Oct-25-2010, 5:04pm
Here's a bluesy solo version of the American folk carol "I Wonder as I Wander" for those upcoming Christmas gigs.

Oct-26-2010, 9:11am
Thanks Martin, any sound clips of this?

Oct-26-2010, 10:46am
No recording yet ... I should give that a try. Attaching new copy to fix an incorrect chord symbol.

Oct-26-2010, 11:03am
I thought this tune was in 3 beats to the measure. That's what I have in my head as I recall the tune (not that I can read music enough to see how your transcription works against the melody in my head).


Oct-26-2010, 6:38pm
I thought this tune was in 3 beats to the measure.
'Twas until I got hold of it!

I also changed one of the notes so I could write a big fat half cadence, ending the penultimate phrase on a dominant seven chord!

Traditional meter returns at the key change in bar 24.

Oct-26-2010, 8:55pm
Oh my, I wish I could read music and listen to what you've created. I'd be interested in a sound clip, but not knowing how to do that don't know whether that's a challenge for you or not. I don't quite know how to do it. . .


Oct-26-2010, 11:09pm
Recording is not a problem ... I just need to practice it!

Oct-27-2010, 2:35am
Here's a rough attempt at a recording.

Mandolin Mick
Oct-27-2010, 3:16am

I wanted to thank you for posting this! I play lots of Christmas music on the mandolin but I'd forgotten about this one! :mandosmiley:

Nov-07-2010, 12:22am
Thanks Mick. Fixing another mistake I found. I wish I knew a way to delete old attachments.

Simen Kjaersdalen
Nov-07-2010, 3:59am
I tried to play through the song this morning, and came out with somthing quite close to your mp3, I'm proud to say. (This isn't the kind of music I most often play.) If I keep playing this for some weeks, I will really have something different for christmas! It's really lots of fun playing, recommended for everyone! :mandosmiley: