View Full Version : Bluegrass at CMSA!

Oct-23-2010, 9:01pm
Put on an open mic at a classical mandolin convention and you never know what might happen.

Here's me on a Lyon & Healy mandola doing my best to keep up with Dave Stewart on a Collings mandolin, and a sunburst Martin D18 and Dudenbostel F5 being traded between Chris Luquette and Dave from New York (whose last name I don't recall). Thanks to David Westwick for the videos.

Oct-23-2010, 9:32pm
What fun :)

Jim Garber
Oct-24-2010, 10:57am
Nice playing all... not so embarrassing Martin! I think that is Dave Folta from upstate NY. BTW CMSA covers quite a range of players and genres. My one visit (in 2004) I ended up playing my Pandini bowlback (the only mandolin I brought) in a swing session. That was relatively odd.

Tom Wright
Oct-24-2010, 12:07pm
I recently joined CMSA. Does the organization ever hold events in the Midwest?

Oct-24-2010, 12:56pm
I just joined, too! I am not sure whether the organization holds events other than the annual convention, which moves around the country but is always held in a city with an active mandolin orchestra. Recent conventions took place in Denver, Toronto, Dayton, and Seattle. Next year is Baltimore. I don't know how many conventions Milwaukee has hosted, but it seems likely that the convention will land there eventually.

The Collings and the D18 in the video both belong to Chris (tangograss). Chris had just gotten back from IBMA and we brought him to CMSA to help run sound, at which he did a first-rate job. Dave Stewart's Breedlove had suffered a headstock crack, so he borrowed the Collings from Chris. The Dude belongs to Dave Folta, who carries a notebook with it at all times. If you play the Dude, you have to write something in the notebook. I wrote "My first Dude!" but upon reflection I believe I played Art Stern's Dude when he had it at Wintergrass a few years ago.

Oct-24-2010, 12:59pm
Now that looks like fun. Some great ideas on the 'dola too!

John Kasley
Oct-24-2010, 2:33pm
The CMSA website (http://www.classicalmandolinsociety.org/) has a list of cities where past conventions have been held. (However, I just checked and it doesn't seem to be working right now). CMSA is an all volunteer organization, so they depend on a local host committee to do a lot of the planning and work involved in the annual convention. Thus, the list reflects cities that have active mandolin orchestras whose members serve as the host committee.

Oct-25-2010, 1:16am
Well I'll be darned! That is us pickin and a grinnin!
What a fun session, and it proves that no matter what you label an acoustic music gathering, it will blossom into many other things. Glad we got to do that!

Thanks for posting the vids everyone.