View Full Version : Change Strings To Achieve CGDA Tuning ??

Oct-19-2010, 7:41pm
Just picked up a Blueridge 40T for my wife yesterday. But the store I bought it from had it tuned to the top four strings on a guitar. I haven't gotten any new strings yet, do you think I can tune it up to CGDA from DGBE without to much string tension? Do I need to get special strings?

Guitar sounds pretty good , looks great, and a good value. If my wife doesn't take to it I'm on it.

Oct-20-2010, 4:23am
They make sets of tenor guitar strings- D'Addario has a set called the J66 that seems pretty common. You should probably get some extra As (.10s) since those break for a lot of people.

In my experience, some guitar shops will downtune an instrument to the regular guitar tuning even though it was shipped with the 'correct' strings– I assume they just don't want to put off guitar/ukulele customers. If your guitar sounds flabby in DGAE, that could be the case.

Oct-20-2010, 7:26pm
I couldn't get the J66 set at The Guitar Showcase where I bought the guitar, but they did sell me a couple of single string sets. Tonite I'll string her up and start some lessons for my wife, wish me luck. I learned not to teach my girlfriends how to drive.. Hope this isn't similar , I've grown some anyway.

Nov-06-2010, 9:42pm
I used some D'Addario nickel wound guitar strings in 14-18-26-38 and they have held the CGDA tuning without exploding strings.