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Cliff D
Oct-15-2010, 8:07am
I was interested to see this is item in a certain British museum & wondered if any cafe regulars know a) In which museum it resides & b) which model it is, & when produced?

F-2 Dave
Oct-15-2010, 10:19pm
A) possibly in a war-time museum? Sorry my knowledge of London museums is limited.
B) O-18T Looks like an old one. Maybe late 30's?

Of course, I'm guessing.

Cliff D
Oct-16-2010, 5:50am
Well you are very close with the first guess (to which of course I know the answer!), the second I fear will have to be confirmed by someone more knowledgable about Martin tenors than I. Note all the strings appear to be plain (although the bass string maybe flat wound): I wonder what tuning it was normally kept in.

Oh, and some thing else I've never seen before: the "wings" (ie the bit of the machine head you actually twist) of the tuners appear to be timber, they may be bakolite or some other early plastic, but do not look like metal.

Dave Cowles
Oct-16-2010, 8:34am
Those tuner buttons are clearly an indication of wartime production due to restrictions on metals needed for the war effort.

Pete Martin
Oct-16-2010, 11:54am
I have a 47 0-18T that looks identical except tuner buttons. My guess is also war era. Doesn't look like the 30's 018s I've seen.

first string
Oct-19-2010, 8:06am
Yeah, I have to agree with those who guessed it was a war time 0-18T. The thirties ones had banjo tuners for the most part, I believe. I have a 1940 0-18T, and it looks relatively similar, though mine has metal tuner buttons. By the fifties I think they had gone to a rosewood bridge, and that appears to be ebony, so early to mid forties seems like it would make the most sense.

Oct-19-2010, 8:41am
It appears to be at the Britain At War Experience down by the London "Dungeon", right? I second the idea of an ...18 tipple. The museum is great by the way. It takes the lust of war right out of any honest soul.

Cliff D
Oct-19-2010, 3:50pm
Not quite correct: it is part of a display in the imperial war museum in London. I wonder how many visitors spot that this a tenor guitar, rather than the usual variety!