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Oct-12-2010, 7:03pm

Some background: In the early 80s Uncle Bud died. I received his beautiful old Gibson mandolin. Around the same time the entire right side of my body became paralyzed . Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed.

Later l gave away my guitars but kept the mandolin. Iíve never been able to play it due to my physical handicaps, now to many to mention.

A few years ago I was in contact with a renowned restoration craftsman in Palo Alto, California, I had planned taking the Gibson to him for restoration but some other serious physical calamities befell me. Never got the instrument to him.

Iím recovered enough now to once again consider having the old Gibson restored. Trouble is, I canít remember the guyís name and/or his companyís name.

Would anybody know of whom I speak? As mentioned, heís renowned for his painstaking restorations and does business in Palo Alto, California.

If you prefer to email me the information, I can be reached at:

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Dave Parsons

Clement Barrera-Ng
Oct-12-2010, 7:06pm
The one who came to mind is Frank Ford with Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto. He has an extensive website (http://www.frets.com) that details all of his repair work. Even if he's not the person you spoke with, I would still recommend him nonetheless.

I'm glad you are in recovery and I hope the mandolin, with its rich family history and wonderful pedigree, will give you many years of enjoyment.

Oct-14-2010, 12:02pm
Hi barrangatan

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my plea for help. I'm gunna call Frank Ford in an effort to get the Gibson to him. Kinda concerned about needing to ship it, but that's the only way it can get down to Palo Alto.

Thanks again,

Paul Kotapish
Oct-14-2010, 12:47pm
Hey Dave,

Where are you located? Maybe one of the trusty forum members could help arrange transport to Gryphon for you if he or she is passing through both areas.

Otherwise, a good shipping box from a music store, plenty of bubble wrap between the case and the box, and carefully packing the instrument according to Frank's instructions at the following link should get it there safely: http://www.frets.com/FRETSPages/Musician/GenMaint/Packing/packing1.html

Oct-14-2010, 1:42pm
Hi Paul

I live in Petaluma. Thanks for the advice and the link. Gunna ask my wife to take some pics of the old boy,(the mandolin, not me!) in an effort to determine what the heck I've got here. Can ya post pics on this forum?


John Soper
Oct-16-2010, 6:11am


Tall Toad Music in Petaluma has a fairly large mandolin inventory, in-house repairs 9Stuart Heiland - Toad in-house repairs - 707-364-4734) and on the above web-page has a listing of other instrument repair people in the Sonoma region.

I have no experience with their repair service and NFI, just stumbled upon them while my wife was looking for the Cowgirl Creamery site in Petaluma... I let her search that out, while I sampled the wares, and they had a nice selection of mandolins- they encouraged me to go up to the second floor, where their upper scale mandolins were kept when it became apparent that I could play & wasn't going to trash the tops of their instruments. Nice folks on their sales staff anyway...

Oct-19-2010, 3:47am
Hi Dave,

You can easily post photos here on the Cafe, and if you need a hand with it, I or one of the administrators will be happy to help. Photos will get you all the advice and opinions that you can handle, I'm sure.

Best wishes.