View Full Version : Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers

Oct-07-2010, 10:56am
Last nite we got to see them in the Performing Arts Center here in San Luis Obispo, CA.

What a show. It was not what I expected in that I somehow thought it would be the Rangers opening up then the Steve would come on and do some of the Crow. It ended up just going straight through with no intermission and only two Ranger songs along about the middle. All the rest were the Steve's music, everything from the Crow album to a gospel quartet doing his Atheist Hymn, to a kids song he wrote and sings. I guess some new stuff off the upcoming album. All to a sold out house.

I don't want to give to much away as if you have tix, you are in for a treat. Besides great music, Mr. Martin demonstrated how a really good front man can entertain, even while tuning. At one point he noticed his shoe was untied and even that became a hilarious shtick.

My hope is that this will propel the Rangers to more prominence as they are just amazing IMHO. After discovering them a couple of months ago, and having their three albums in pretty much constant rotation I've come to appreciate the depth of this band. Great vocals, really good arrangements, varied material, a lot of which they write, and excellent execution. By that I mean there's no showboating, or kitchen sink solos, just great "in the pocket" playing for the song. Their stage craft is something to behold as they are in constant motion, positioning themselves for the next break or vocal, working the mic's. That was a show in itself. Then when they all gathered around the single mic to do a gospel tune, weaving in and out and up and down to mix, just amazing.

I just wish they'd come out this way more.

two thumbs waaaay up.