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Oct-06-2010, 8:12am
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Rhonda Vincent - Taken

Rhonda Vincent's latest project, "Taken," was released September 21, 2010.


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Mandolin Mick
Oct-06-2010, 8:41am
O ... I thought somebody married Rhonda Vincent ...

Oct-06-2010, 5:30pm
Well, she is married, but I don't think it was recently!

Oct-06-2010, 6:44pm
I bought this at the IBMA World of Bluegrass event in Nashville this past week- end and was listening to new cd,s on the drive home, 13 hrs by the way to southern ontario and when I got to Rhonda,s cd I could not quit listening to it , I was especially moved by the 10th track titled , A Little At A Time which hit close to home in my personal life a few months back, could not wait to get home to give my wife and family a hug who were not with me because of previous committments. I enjoyed all the cuts. I would highly recommend this cd and thanks to Rhonda.

re simmers
Oct-07-2010, 1:23pm
I listened to samples on the web. Sounds great. As always, a super group of musicians.