View Full Version : Ensenada Bowl Back

Oct-04-2010, 5:06pm
I just purchased a vintage Ensenada APM 610 bowl back mandolin that appears to be rather old. I have looked for any info on this instument but the only thing I found is one of the same model and intracacies as the that just sold on e-Bay. My instrument is in much better condition (almost like new) It has all the old steel strings except lower 'E' string is missing. The top has a fine straight dark blonde grain with a darker wood inlay with abalone or pearlflower inlays below the sound hole and a nice border design around the top. The bridge and nut appear to be ivory. The frets are brass and the fret board has four inlays of abalone or pearl. The only things that show aging are the Ensenada label is smeared slightly with the last 'a' missing and the tuner knobs are discolored from use. After a minor tuning, moving the bridge to get proper tonation, and cleaning it plays great even without the lower 'E' string. Does anyone know anything about these mandolins such as age, quality, etc?


Jim Garber
Oct-04-2010, 7:55pm
Another rebranded mandolin by Suzuki, prob made in the 1960s or 1970s. Decent quality but built on the heavy side. if it is structurally sound you can prob string with light gauge (as opposed to ultra-lights) or even medium gauge strings.