View Full Version : F5Loar - Tom Isenhour given due note!

Oct-04-2010, 9:55am
I just wanted to pass on a very good article about one of teh 'Cafe regulars who was honored for his contributions to the furtherance of mandolin playing:

And here is a video from the event as well.. not too shabby on that old Bill Monroe number:

Way to go, F5Loar!

Mike Bromley
Oct-04-2010, 10:15am
Dern, my connection is too slow....better download it and go to supper.

Oct-04-2010, 10:22am
But will he wear his Nudie suit with the mandolins all over it?

Oct-04-2010, 10:25am

to embed, enter whatever is behind the = in the embedding window and it works. This is the video:

And itīs a pretty darn good rendition of "Rawhide". The mando is not shabby either. And Mr. Isenhour has his Bill Monroeisms down pat. You only have to learn to wear the mando over the right shoulder and youīre ready to go ;)

Oct-04-2010, 11:07am
I don't think he wore this suit to the award night; the only food group that is safe for consumption with this outfit is pasta with red sauce......

Oct-04-2010, 11:11am
Not a shabby guitar either, "when good enough isnīt good enough".

Clement Barrera-Ng
Oct-04-2010, 11:15am
Congrats F5Loar! Wonderful playing in the video

Oct-04-2010, 12:23pm
Congratulations to F5Loar! Great picking, great mandolin, well-deserved award. (That's one LOUD suit. :disbelief: I'll bet it has good tone too.)

Oct-04-2010, 2:10pm
thanks guys. The band was just a pick up band that was there that night and they agreed to back me up and they did pretty good keeping up with me. Rawhide needs to be played at that original speed. Anything less is just not right IMO. I used a '27 Fern that night. I seriously considered wearing the Nudie suit to accept my award but felt it might be just a bit overkill for this event. That plus the weight of those 3000 rhinestones and the heat from the stage lamps would not be good for me under that kind of pressure so I opted for the Jim&Jesse Virginia Boy look and I soaked it pretty good after 5 numbers. I never get tired of picking Rawhide.

Willie Poole
Oct-04-2010, 2:39pm
I wondered for some time who "F-5 Loar" really was....Now I know.....Great job, Rawhide is also one of my favorites but my guitar player can`t keep up with the speed that I like to play it at.....Had a dog once and named him "Rawhide".....Willie

Skip Kelley
Oct-04-2010, 3:06pm
That's the way to pick it Tom!!! :)

Oct-04-2010, 4:29pm
And Congrads to Skip for walking away with First place mandolin prize! There was some really good mandolin pickers there to compete for the top prizes. The band Sons of the South that backed me up came in 2nd place and won like 4 individual prizes.
I'm not sure how many of the States still have fiddler's conventions but around North Carolina they are still pretty strong covering most of the state. It's a good way to meet other pickers and sharpen up your "stage" fright!

Bill Van Liere
Oct-04-2010, 5:41pm
Fantastic Tom, well done, mighty glad for ya.

Also; thanks for the accurate Gibson info you have provided through the years.

Man that fern barks like a big dog.

John Adrihan
Oct-05-2010, 7:58am
Nice playing! but where's the Hat?

Oct-05-2010, 10:43am
Here is a picture of F5Loar and his buddy, who sometimes play together as the Lost Monroe Brothers, wearing their 'Cafe hats at the birthplace of the Blue Grass Music!!

Oct-05-2010, 6:18pm
I don't think he wore this suit to the award night; the only food group that is safe for consumption with this outfit is pasta with red sauce......

How about those shoes!

Oct-05-2010, 6:30pm
Well done, Tommy! Big Mon is grinnin at ya...